Baptism Keepsake boX

This listing is for
1 Baptism Keepsake box only.

The box is a heavy duty matte white box with a magnetic closing lid.

Box size 340mm wide x 90mm long x 90mm deep.

Add this listing along with your candle and sash pack and we will match the box design to your pack purchased. 

If you have purchased a color candle pack the box will not be in colour it will be in the same print colour as your stole

Please note satin inside box not included ,this is for display purpose only.

The print colour of words will be the same print you have chosen for your candle and stole. 
Our colours available
Metalic gold
Metalic Silver

The box has a transparent label applied, text is not printed onto the box directly.

Please note there may be small air bubbles present from the sticker as this is a hand made item but these are very small.

Baptism Keepsake boX


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